Mons Vi Releases Dreamy Lo-Fi Project "Away/Tangerine (Eternity Redux)"

Mons Vi Releases Dreamy Lo-Fi Project “Away/Tangerine (Eternity Redux)”

Mons Vi is the musical project of writer Matthew Hershoff and his writing ability shines through on his new EP titled Away/Tangerine (Eternity Redux).

Headphones are required for the unpretentious project as it’ll allow you to get lost in the lo-fi fuzz. If not, play it over the speakers and slow dance with your partner to the effortless and charming Hershoff. “After an hour of omissions/ the ground moving so slow and discrete/ and owls forming lines of division/ in the skies,” he sings as his words flutter off the tip of his tongue without urgency and float with a gentle plum in the open space around you. They creep into the crevices providing the soiled walls with the life of phantom embers. Or maybe you’re just lost on a beach filled with dreamy romantics in a tangle of limbs, drunk off the breast of white geraniums. Or Cradled by an indifferent love through the 401 with no return in sight but the setting sun over city telephone wires and smokestacks masticating on horse dung.  Either way, you should listen to Mons Vi.