Shane Malone Serenades Unwanted Guests On Ants

Shane Malone Serenades Unwanted Guests On “Ants”

Anyone who has had the misfortune of living in a shitty apartment will relate to Ants from Shane Malone. It’s a laid-back lo-fi rock affair as Malone serenades unwanted guests before launching into an engulfing killer crescendo. On the backstory, Malone said:

“When I moved into my new apartment, there was a huge ant infestation in my bedroom. Every day when I would sit at my desk or lay on my bed I would see ants crawling on the wall, the windowsill, and even in my bed. I wrote this the day before the exterminator came as a desperate plea to my unwanted roommates to leave. As much as I despised them, once I realized I had sealed their fate, I felt a sense of sorrow for being the sole cause for the death of their colony. This song uses a common scenario to comment on the relationship humans have with the natural world, and the drastic measures people are driven to when in desperation.”

Lay your head down without any worries here.