Northern Heirs Return With Yearnful Quiet Company

Northern Heirs Return With Yearnful “Quiet Company”

It’s been nearly a year since Toronto-based duo Northern Heirs (Scott Carruthers and Michael Norberg) released their debut EP, “EP1”, along with a video for opener “Good Dream”. Since then, they’ve quietly worked on refining their sound with lyrics on personal experience as well as making reference to folk stories and historical events. They’re also evolving their live performance and arrangements for larger venues with plans to introduce a full live lineup.

Quiet Company is their first new single since the EP and the duos evolution is heavily felt. “And all the silence golden/ and all my saints, they’re tongue-tied/ we ride the bus, come home at night/ we’re tired and tried,” they sing with a driving kick and gentle guitar plucks before electronic notes join the mix. They coalesce and billow like a tangle of phantoms, doubtful and somnolent, seeking solace and peace, with lush and reflective harmonies.

Vastly improved with a polished sheen, if this is any indication of what’s in store for the Northern Heirs, I’ll be listening.

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