Rosie Carney Releases The Tender Thousand Ft. Lisa Hannigan

Rosie Carney Releases The Tender “Thousand” Ft. Lisa Hannigan

I discovered Rosie Carney a few months ago and have consistently listened to her small but beautiful collection of singles. With her debut album set to release in January, the young artist has just released the fourth single titled Bare.

Inspired by her mother and grandmother, Thousand is tender and introduces drums, bass, and cello into the mix with Carney’s acoustic guitar, as well as harmonies with Lisa Hannigan. Of the deeply personal track, Carney says:

“The past few years have been quite a struggle for my family, my mum especially. She͛s currently a full-time caregiver for my grandmother (her mother) who is sadly suffering severely with dementia, and has been for quite a while now. We call it the long goodbye as every day a little piece of her leaves us. It͛s hard to witness a woman that was once so strong be as vulnerable as a child, but even throughout this struggle, kindness and love have never been absent.”

Rosie Carney’s debut album, Bare, is due out January 25.

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