Camikaze - Shadows (ft. Zoe A'dore) [Ekko & Sidetrack Remix]

Camikaze – Shadows (ft. Zoe A’dore) [Ekko & Sidetrack Remix]

I’m always ecstatic when I come across a new drum & bass tune. In my opinion, it’s a genre that doesn’t get enough love. Thankfully, the Australian brothers Ekko & Sidetrack were able to remind me of this with their recent remix of Camikaze’s song Shadows featuring Zoe A’dore. These two raise the energy, re-imagining the original’s etheric, future house feel into a gnarly, fast-paced d&b banger. All the while, Zoe A’dore’s outstanding, addictive vocal hook is preserved to enlighten our ears. I haven’t heard too much from these two so far, but if their future releases are anything like this I’ll certainly be dropping a post.