Element Gets Real With "Closer"

Element Gets Real With “Closer”

When he’s not doing tech developer things during the day, Chris Cruz is making raucous music as Element. His latest cut is Closer – an inspirational single about loved ones that have passed and the memories that we hold dear. In an email, he explained:

“Losing someone is never easy, especially if you were really close with them. “Closer” is dedicated to all my loved ones who have since passed. I’ve never been able to deal with death well, I don’t think anyone ever has. It’s difficult, confusing and heart-wrenching. Knowing that there will never be another moment to share with that person is what truly sinks in for me. But in reality, the moments that you did share with that person become beautiful memories that continue the bond and last a lifetime. Love and friendship will never pass. “Closer” is my tribute to those who I’ve loved but lost, for they have shaped my life forever.”

When we first read this, we thought we would hear something a little more sombre, but instead, the Brooklyn based producer went with a bright sound design and uplifting, even triumphant horns. These are horns blaring the joy of a love and friend that once was and the memories we cherish. Don’t skip on Element.

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