Watch Kraków Loves Adana In Brooding False Alarm

Watch Kraków Loves Adana In Brooding “False Alarm”

Getting their start in 2006 after meeting in a club, Daniz Cicek and Robert Heitmann formed the indie pop duo Kraków Loves Adana. Now with a third album in the works, it’s alarming that they don’t have a larger fanbase, especially since False Alarm is so amazing.

It’s a simple yet compelling dream pop backdrop that lingers on your shoulders with haunting repeated “oh’s” that circle you with no desire to ever leave. Cicek’s thick vocals engulf you in a luster of melancholy coolness as she sings, “I know better than anyone/ Our thoughts are ringing like a false alarm/ Guess they will never ever lose their charm,” and continues to plead for the light to enter with the urgency of a doomed ship lost at sea with no sight of land. Enslaved by her fears and doubts in the brooding realm that envelops her, you will instantly connect and hit that repeat button.

Watch the video for False Alarm as the Berlin duo fool around in a series of quick shots. Their new album, Call Yourself New, is due March 2017.