falcxne & 3lo
falcxne & 3lo Go Nuts On "Love, In Disarray"

falcxne & 3lo Go Nuts On “Love, In Disarray”

It feels like forever since we’ve had falcxne on here, which is a damn shame. Since his last feature, he’s linked up with rising collective/label Fête, plus the FLAMEBOYS gang, and has released some incredible ambient music under the moniker SADKID.

falcxne’s latest single is Love, In Disarray with the help of Atlanta’s 3lo, and it’s gonna blow you away. What begins as a chilled out jazz intro erupts into a frenzied splay of soaring synths as you begin playing an air keyboard above your head. Before you know what’s happening, you’ve got the meanest mug in the city bobbing along to horns and dancing synths as they rain down on you in all their chaotic beauty. That is Love, In Disarray.

If you’re interested in learning more about falcxne, you can revisit the first edition of our Toronto Spotlight series with the man himself.