Listen To Sparrows' Magical Get To Know You

Listen To Sparrows’ Magical “Get To Know You”

Sydney newcomer Sparrows has unveiled her new written, self produced and recorded single Get To Know You. Inspired by recordings of everyday items and a magical weekend in Rio, Get To Know You is part soul, part future beats, part childlike wonder and an enchanting listen. Intricate layers of sounds, some that made me take off my headphones to examine whether it was the song or an outside force, are dynamic and refreshing. With her DIY attitude and distinct sense of sound, Sparrows and her paper mache looking wolf mask are able to bring her every dream and desire into reality. In an email, she described her inspiration:

“I had laid down a beat, which included recordings of a stapler, lighters and a ping-pong ball. I sat on it for a few weeks not yet knowing it’s home. However after a fun and flirty weekend at Return to Rio, the song pretty much wrote itself. I found myself in a magical setting where the sun was setting on partygoers in wacky costumes. There was a fox, a swarm of smurfs urging a panda to skull a shot of Listerine and a pirate with a tutu. We were all together in our own special world of weirdness. I got to think who are all these amazing people? The beauty of this entire setting was that we had the freedom to express our identities and be accepted in all of our states of existence and that’s what has inspired this song.”

Look for show announcements and a video for Get To Know You in the coming weeks. Until then, hit repeat and bathe in Sparrows’ charm.

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