AUTOMatic Brings Good Vibes With Talkin' Bout Love

AUTOMatic Brings Good Vibes With “Talkin’ Bout Love”

Love is hard. Real hard. Grand and all powerful. Devastating and bottomless. It brings people together and separates them. Milwaukee hip hop duo AUTOMatic want to spread that love with Talkin’ Bout Love.

Over a smooth throwback beat with a lounge bar vibe, the duo details the greatness of love and the difficulties it brings. More importantly though, the need to share that love with one another and to be open and accepting of it. There’s no need to be afraid of it. “Talkin Bout Love is a song that identifies the need for more LOVE in this world and takes the time itself to express love for people of all walks of life,” they explained in an email.”It’s aimed to be a pick-me-up style of track and that’s exactly what it is. It feels good, the message is good, and the love abounds.”

Listen to Talkin’ Bout Love below and look out for AUTOMatic’s 4th album titled Marathon on November 11. Spread that love, people. And accept it.

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