Chancellor Warhol Drops Spacey Bounce Hop Trust Me '91

Chancellor Warhol Shares Spacey Bounce Hop “Trust Me ’91”

If Chancellor Warhol’s Trust Me ’91 doesn’t get you vibing, I don’t think anything will.

From his just released project, Until The Light Takes Me, the Super Duper produced Trust Me ’91 is bounce hop at its finest with a spacey backdrop and looped vocals. Warhol’s flow is slick and magnetic, flowing by to the catchy beat about his cheeky thing with 90’s references and lowkey sexual wordplay, “Get a grip If you wanna get it in baby girl what you sipping on/ This is for the Kelly Kaposki’s/ Let you know it’s real when I give you the house key/ Cooking with your panties and your t-shirt on/ Make sure you love me like Biggie when I’m gone.”

Spin Trust Me ’91 right here and be sure to hit up Until The Light Takes Me.