Holding Onto Hope with Domino's "Don't Fall"

Holding Onto Hope With Domino’s “Don’t Fall”

We know Domino for his sweet rhymes on Feel Me and his badass vibe on Bet on Me. Now, with the release of his latest track, Don’t Fall, we see a new side of the L.A. based rapper, speaking on the topic of suicide.

Domino recounts his experience of watching a woman attempt to commit suicide by jumping over a bridge. His empathetic, positive vibes towards her were countered by numerous people provoking the woman, urging her to jump.

“Within 30 minutes of hoping this girl doesnt jump off of a bridge, i heard a grown man yell “just jump already” — which i responded with “shut the fuck up”. I heard a woman say, well, she already lost, she should jump instead of going to jail. I told a UPS driver in another lane what was happening and when I told him a girl was about to jump, he openly, and VERY loudly, laughed. I saw a man snapchat her and whisper to his snapchat “jump, jump, jump, jump”. I could continue with 3-5 more stories of people saying this.” The full story is available in the track’s description on SoundCloud.

Produced by Ta-Ku, the track is mixed to a minimum. As stated by Domino, this track is not meant to be “perfect.” The power of this song lies in the love and hope the lyrics emit. As humans, we need to show empathy and love to one another. And the first step is talking about these issues.

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