Watch Kyle Bent In The Heartwarming Rotten Apple Seeds

Watch: Kyle Bent In The Heartwarming “Rotten Apple Seeds”

Hailing from Jamaica, Kyle Bent is a 19 year old Boston based MC with a great level of maturity in the words he spits. On his latest release, Rotten Apple Seeds, he touches on subjects of greed and capitalism, and the hatred of racism and sexism with the insight of a man much older than he. “When the world gave you hate instead of love and left you hardened/ but I know the seed can harvest even if the apples rotten,” he raps, offering a positive outlook for difficult times.

To accompany the single, Bent teamed up with directed Matt Arnold for a heartwarming video that features Bent and a friend giving away apples in New York. Watch how happy a simple gesture can make a stranger feel, and look out for his forthcoming album, Complex Simplicity.

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