Bet On The Skills Of Domino, NGO, and K.Love

Bet On The Skills Of Domino, NGO, and K.Love

We first heard L.A. rapper Domino featured on Laquell’s Feel Me, spitting his poetic verses over Laquell’s wondrous instrumentals. Domino’s new song Bet On Me takes an entirely different vibe from what we last heard from him. Release the rain metaphors of the past and embrace the aggressive, in-your-face attitude of his latest release.

Californian producer NGO lays down a straightforward solid trap beat, reflective of the confident lyrical vibe. The snare disappears when the hook first arrives, only to add more emphasis when it returns and hits hard. The beat serves as a fitting backdrop for Domino and K.Love’s vocals.

Both rappers have their own distinct styles, yet K.Love’s vibe perfectly reflects Domino’s. The smooth transition between their verses, like a mirror image, shows two halves of the same self-assured greatness.

K.Love recently released Come See Me, an OVO inspired R&B track. Make sure to check him out.

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