Joey Aich Drops The Boom-Bap Throwback Meccas

Joey Aich Drops The Boom-Bap Throwback “Meccas”

It’s been nearly a year since Joey Aich has been on these pages, but the Colombus-based artist has been back it with a slew of new singles including his latest, Meccas.

With a throwback vibe courtesy of Ezire, Aich drops slick gatling gun bars over boom-bap percussion sprinkled with soft, distant keys and a drawn-out moan of brass. Inspired by newfound maturity and fame, Aich stands confident and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Aich provided further details, saying:

“‘Meccas’, produced by Ezire, is a track that I feel helped me mature as an up and coming artist. At the time when I was writing, I realized that I have worked extremely hard to get to where I was and things in my life were starting to change. People were requesting to book me all over the state of Ohio and I went on a mini-tour with stops at several colleges, Cincinnati, Columbus, and my hometown Cleveland.

After thinking about this new “fame”, if you want to call it that, I noticed I was starting to gain power in my voice and with it came responsibilities to be a positive member of the community. Ultimately, that’s what I want to do with music and hopefully, songs like ‘Meccas’ can help me reach that goal.”

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