Tonio Sagan Shares Voyager Records Stranger Than Fiction

Tonio Sagan Shares “Voyager Records: Stranger Than Fiction”

Stranger Than Fiction is the second installment of Tonio Sagan’s Voyager Records’ series, which enlists sounds curated by his late grandfather, the renowned astrophysicist Carl Sagan. The content was first used to create these gold records that are attached to NASA’s Voyager 1 & 2, which are floating out somewhere past the edge of the solar system. The purpose of the records was to be able to document planet earth and human culture in the event that the probes were encountered by alien life.

Following the first installment, Greetings, Stranger Than Fiction veers into boom bap hip hop with jazz elements courtesy of Louis Armstrong along with the first movement (“Allegro Con Brio”) from Beethoven’s Symphony Number 5 in C Minor, and with some semblance to the intro of the Netflix series. While that all sounds like a mouthful, Stranger Than Fiction is smooth yet thick like molasses trying to escape the window sill in search of stars filled with the memories of mankind, while gentle percussion and twinkling spectrum’s lull you into a hypnotic realm. Peel your eyelids to a magnificent comet and drift into the unknown deep of outer space with Tonio Sagan.

The series is available on a limited edition 7″ vinyl through Red Line Music Distribution.

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