Photos: H.E.R. and Tiara Thomas – The Opera House 11/10/17
Celeste Ceres

Photos: H.E.R. and Tiara Thomas – The Opera House 11/10/17

It’s one thing to listen to H.E.R.’s studio records. It’s a totally different experience seeing her anonymity manifested in person. The enigmatic R&B singer touched down in Toronto on November 10th at The Opera House. Just months earlier, H.E.R. was in town opening up for Bryson Tiller on his “Set It Off” tour. She came back for Round 2, this time as the headliner with musician Tiara Thomas, and tickets sold out in a flash.

Over the past year, H.E.R. has been making her mark on the R&B industry using a simple strategy: shifting the focus off of her appearance and solely onto quality music. Rocking huge sunglasses that concealed most of her face, H.E.R. had the crowd swaying back with forth and singing along to every verse, background vocal, and ad-lib, simply enjoying the music over anything else.

No newbie to the R&B scene, Tiara Thomas completely mesmerized the audience with her confident attitude on upbeat jams, and raw talent on stripped down tracks with just her and a guitar.

Photo credit: Celeste Ceres