New Chance Announces EP & Shares "Chasing The Sunset"

New Chance Announces EP & Shares “Chasing The Sunset”

After a slew of gigs including DJing, remixing, and collaborations in contemporary art, film, dance, and music – like backing vocals on Lido Pimienta’s Polaris Prize-winning album, “La Papessa” – Toronto’s New Chance (Victoria Cheong) is gearing up for her debut EP. “It Says New Chance” is a vast sonic landscape using hardware samplers and sequencers, live effects, and her own voice as she traverses dub, deep house, avant-pop, ambient, and the esoteric side of 80’s electro.

Chasing The Sunset is the first taste of what’s to come. Using house as its base, it’s a celestial realm that pulses with mysterious fragments that hang in the sky, restless and motionless. The contours of this dream wraps itself around you with the help Cheong’s vocals as you sink deeper.

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