Abby Diamond Says Yes My Heart Is Open, No You Can't Come In

Abby Diamond Says “Yes My Heart Is Open, No You Can’t Come In”

From Abby Diamond’s forthcoming Sorceress EP, yes my heart is open, no you can’t come in is the enchanting second single inspired by futures and saying “no,” because as a sorceress, that means drawing lines. If you’re a pleb like me, and like you, and the cretin behind you, forget about it.

Fusing her Motown influences and early career as a jazz vocalist in New Orleans, Diamond’s vocals shimmer with silk wisps that pull you into this arc of celestial matter. Deep rhythms reverberate in the cracks between your chest like an awakening of picturesque embers. There lies apparitions furrowed in the folds of your most intimate experiences. Pour more whiskey on it and don’t let your love out of it, oh no. Sleep with it. Writhe with it. Keep it shut behind the iron vault with rotten pillars. The immensity of solitude without love is outstretched and rests on your breast. Keep it there. Don’t let it out.

Speaking on the single, Abby Diamond says:

Those who practice sorcery of any kind do so by perfecting the art of holding intimate space, space that is conducive to channeling the sacred. The sacred spaces that we cultivate in ourselves and our bedrooms reverberate through our lives. Your only responsibility on this planet is to hold space for the divinity that flows through you.

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