Shan Vincent de Paul Shares "Fight For Us"

Shan Vincent de Paul Shares “Fight For Us”

The past month has seen Shan Vincent de Paul release four singles from his forthcoming Saviors album, due for April 15. Dedicated to his loved ones including his daughter, Fight For Us is the latest raw and impactful single where Shan’s vocals pierce through with a burning passion. A passion that the Toronto artist displays in each song like Thank God and one that we can expect to hear when Saviors is released.

For this single, Shan explained, “This is a song giving praise to the people closest to me. The first verse is for my daughter X and the second verse is for my sideways brothers. All of us have family, most of us have close friends and a few of us are fortunate enough to have saviors. I wrote this for them. The ones that have seen me at my worst and gave me light in my darkest hours….my saviors.”

Mark April 15 on your calendar and pre-order Saviors through iTunes, because Shan Vincent de Paul is gonna blow up.