Alessandra Shares Powerhouse Debut Your River

Alessandra Shares Powerhouse Debut “Your River”

I love a good debut single that just blows you away. Another such artist to do so is the Stockholm-based Alessandra, who won the prestigious Denniz Pop Awards as “Best Rookie Artist of the Year”, previously won by the likes of Tove Lo. Now, the emerging artist has released her self-produced debut single, Your River.

As soon as Alessandra lets out that first note, you can feel something special coming, and she does not disappoint. With her powerhouse vocals leading the sonic waves of shimmering synths and haunting background vocals, she details feelings of wanting to dive deeper into someone like a summer crush and letting go of your pride. “Take me down down your river/ make me love again,” she sings to a swell of brilliant splendor that engulfs you like the heat of tangled limbs on a sweaty summer night.

Listen to Your River below and hit that follow to hear more details about her upcoming EP.