Almost Owen Releases Animalistic Pop Debut Good Thing

Almost Owen Releases Animalistic Pop Debut “Good Thing”

After performing around the world for several years, Almost Owen has played nearly 500 shows since returning to the US three years ago. During this period, he would also write and produce for other artists while he quietly worked on his own craft. Last week marked the release of his debut single, written in his home studio in Boston, titled Good Thing.

Much like Ginuwine’s “Pony,” Good Thing is straight up about fucking until your limbs wither and nothing is left but dehydrated bones. Lascivious and full of innuendo, Owen gets right into it as soon as he sings, “Roll you over I’m so prepared.” Like an acrobatic sex ballad, it’s unspeakable with no beginning or end. It permeates the air and twists with the full flush of animalistic desire and lust. These animal membranes collide and the past, present, and future are annihilated under the candelabra of pure fuck.

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