First Move Is The Steamy New Single By Toronto's Stacey

“First Move” Is The Steamy New Single By Toronto’s Stacey

At first sight, the inspiration behind First Move is a clear one. Those early days of dating when you just want the other person to make the first move, or maybe it’s you that’s deciding to make that first move. Either way, Toronto singer/songwriter Stacey perfectly captures this relatable story.

There’s a thick gauze of tension that builds with each passing glance and light touch on the arm and leg. Stacey’s sultry vocals permeate the air with her desires and hesitations in this unabashed confessional. Eyes locked, palms sweaty, heart palpitating. A calmness builds into a dreamy haze of sweltering synths and percussion fueled by an urgent passion, all with the grace of an old school cocktail party.

Look out for Stacey’s forthcoming EP which was three years in the making. Until then, hit repeat, hit repeat, hit repeat.

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