KIDDO Releases Unreal & Devastating Debut Trouble

KIDDO Releases Unreal & Devastating Debut “Trouble”

KIDDO is the new Swedish kid on the block who’s paving a scorched path ahead with her debut, Trouble. Sparse with an ambient hum and the plod of a piano, a vocoded KIDDO enters with an unexpected force that can be felt rumbling within her. In the onyx encrusted depths of despair, where no sound can be heard, no light can be seen, KIDDO’s raw and devastatingly beautiful voice soars to insurmountable heights, laying waste to the foundations beneath.

Written after returning to the frosted dead North of Sweden, KIDDO says Trouble is about escaping reality: “It’s about a time when I knew I had lost everything but it was too painful to face it so I tried to ignore the truth for a little longer in every possible way.”

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