Magdalena Bay Unleash Delicious Pop With "Set Me Off"

Magdalena Bay Unleashes Delicious Pop With “Set Me Off”

Mica Tenenbaum (songwriting and vocals) and Matthew Lewin (songwriting and production) are the duo behind Magdalena Bay. Originally in a prog-rock band and a relationship together throughout high school, the couple would up in different states for college, ending both relationships. Now two years later, they’ve reunited and Set Me Off is their latest single.

Inspired by all the little things that remind you of an ex, like the artist you first saw live together or their favourite tv show, and the perpetual social media stalking we do, Set Me Off is a sugar rush of infectious pop. Delicious blistering synths punch the memories of lost love while Tenenbaum sings “Wanted love wanted love but the dream is over/ Memories set me off ’till I’m boiling over.” A crunchy guitar propels this electric space into a colourful burst of the names, places, and faces that haunt you from dusk to dawn until the next casualty enters your life.

Set Me Off is an infectious and fun jam for your troubled mind.

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