Maxime. Drops New Album Ft. Ode To My (Shitty) Apartment

Maxime. Drops New Album Ft. “Ode To My (Shitty) Apartment”

A year after self-releasing his 18-track debut album, “whatevernowiscalled “, Ottawa-based Maxime. continues his evolution from EDM to alt-pop with sophomore album “Cerulean”.

Rather than focusing on a linear narrative, “Cerulean” is an eclectic collection of ideas and experiences. In his own words, Maxime. says:

“I began writing some of the songs on ‘cerulean’ before my last album was even released. Most of the songs are about girls because apparently, that is what I like to spend most of my time thinking about. But when I start a song I almost never have a concrete idea or theme, I just start letting the thoughts flow out.

Some of the songs on the album hold a very dear place in my heart, for example ‘ode to my (shitty) apartment.’ I care a lot about my friends, and spent a year living with 3 of my closest buddies. We spent a full year together throwing too many parties that lasted way too long, eating grilled cheese and creating art.

The whole album took over a year to write, and this one really acted as a journal. While not as drastic a change as going from EDM to indie, it’s really rewarding to listen to ‘cerulean’ and listen back to my first album – I feel really happy with the progression. I hope to be able to say the same thing about my next project.”

Listen to the guitar-driven and charming Ode To My (Shitty) Apartment below.