Maya Killtron Throws It Back With "Never Dance Alone"

Maya Killtron Throws It Back With “Never Dance Alone”

Sometimes you just need to add a little funk to your step. That’s where Toronto based Maya Killtron comes in by casting all restraints to the side and hitting her roots with Never Dance Alone. Taking aim at a special wallflower, Maya re-ensures that she’s here and will be at your side on or off the dancefloor. With her soulful voice and buoyant horns, it’s impossible not to get moving to this funky throwback. The HMV stickers are a nice throwback touch too.

“‘Never Dance Alone’ is the record I’ve always wanted to make. I spent a lot of time writing music that was chasing trend but when I finally got in the studio with Miloš (Producer) he reminded me how important it was to be myself. I’m a trained classical violinist and jazz arranger who loves to sing funk and soul. They can work together,” Maya explained. “I finally figured out how to write without apology and to be proud and fearless of the music I hear in my head. That is what ‘Never Dance Alone’ is. I was able to touch every part of the process this time around, from charting out and arranging the horns and strings to singing every single background part and lead.”

So hit that play button and add this to every summer playlist you have because Maya Killtron has a lot to offer and I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the near future.

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