Medasin – Spacehead

Dallas producer Medasin has been making huge moves these past few months. First with joining the next big collective, Film Noir, and then with the Pink Polo EP with the man behind jazztraphouse, Masego. Since then, he’s been putting out some absolutely mental work; the deep bass death march at humanity’s end, “Silver,” and the mellowest track you’ll hear all year, “sesh.” If neither of these hooked you, Spacehead will.

Medasin’s production value really shines with smooth transitions from spacey waves to crisp big bass and back, leaving you wondering what just happened. His consistency is putting him ahead of every one and he’s beginning to look like Film Noir’s leading man (they’re all amazing, though.) Spacehead is unreal and available as a free download. Grab. That. Now.

Oh, and he’s only 18. Yep.