Molly DeWolf Releases Stunning Debut Single 8 Seconds

Molly DeWolf Releases Stunning Debut Single “8 Seconds”

Molly DeWolf is a Harvard alumn singer who also had a stint on American Idol, followed by building her own immersive media company. It was a serendipitous meeting with BRÅVES, though, that led DeWolf and the trio spending two months working on DeWolf’s debut EP. The first taste of the project is 8 Seconds, a slick, brooding R&B soundscape.

It’s a minimal realm with a somber piano and the slow thud of beats that echo and rattle as DeWolf examines the various stages of a relationship, strewn with uncertain anguish. When lightening finally strikes and the ultimate moment of ecstasy arrives, a candelabra of synths collapse with a gaze that radiates with magnetism and stretches into infinity. It’s as if this person has lept from the great deafening void and joined you while DeWolf sings with a burning spark.

Speaking of the single, DeWolf says:

“The idea behind ‘8 Seconds’ is knowing someone for years, being in and out of each other’s orbit, and then all of a sudden they become your person, which mirrors my own experience and current relationship. That’s a beautiful notion to me, that ‘lighting and timing’ are the primary factors dictating your life and who you end up with, as an ex-lover used to say. I’m fascinated by the idea of fate vs coincidence.” 

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