Watch Nick Weaver In Passionate What You Doin' These Days

Watch: Nick Weaver In Passionate “What You Doin’ These Days?”

We all have those days where we question where our life is headed, are we doing our absolute best, and even compare our successes and failures against our peers. Seattle MC and producer Nick Weaver takes these moments of self reflection and puts them on full blast on What You Doin’ These Days?

Before hitting play, I didn’t expect someone that looked like Nick Weaver to come swinging like he did on this track. Quick to judge, as we humans often are, I was proven immensely wrong. A deep cavernous bass sits beneath an echo of vocals and a vibrant horn from Gyasi, but these lay second to Weaver’s passionate presence. Touching on subjects of personal failures and the reality that there’s so much at stake for each of us, his words will no doubt resonate with you. Directed by Quinn Killick, Weaver performs around a deserted grassland that looks just as lost and barren as we may sometimes feel. Make sure you sit tight and watch the final impassioned moment.