Nightshifts' "All Along" Is His Lo-Fi Heart On The Sleeve Debut

Nightshifts’ “All Along” Is His Lo-Fi Heart On The Sleeve Debut

When Nightshifts remixed Bon Iver’s “Michicant,” Justin Vernon tweeted about the song, sent the Toronto-based artist $2000, and released it through JagJaguwar. As if recognition from one of my favourite artists wasn’t enough, the song alone caught the attention of some major platforms. Since then, Nightshifts has toiled away in his bedroom, experimenting with a myriad of instruments and tools.

All Along is the young, upcoming producer’s debut single that features his heart on the sleeve lyrics and a warm lo-fi glow that can envelop the beginning of Autumn days. Obscure synths twist in the distance beneath the churn of gritty textured guitars and the anxious rumble of percussion. Speaking of the song, Nightshifts’ says All Along is, “a love song about having to wait for the right moment to tell someone how you feel. I wrote and recorded the track in my unfurnished apartment when I first moved downtown; just sitting on the floor with my guitar, mics, and synths. I crafted it to sound like it was created at the bottom of the sea.” Beneath this endless azure of the sea, dreams were dreamt from the neck up. The sinking weight of time rests on your eyelids with leaden agony. Step forward like it’s your last. Like the world will cease. Speak for the void will open wide with regret and hysterical sorrow.

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