NONONO Release The Sweeping New Single Lost Song

NONONO Release The Sweeping New Single “Lost Song”

Back in September, Stockholm-based trio NONONO (Tobias Jimson, Michel Flygare, and Stina Wäpplin) returned with “Masterpiece” after finding success with their LP, “We Are Only What We Feel”, and subsequently taking some time off. The latest single from the promising group is Lost Song.

Inspired by their journies and finding trust, Lost Song is a sweeping roar from ancient mountaintops. Upbeat drums pound from the mountain’s chest alongside piano chords and Wäpplin’s powerful and hopeful vocals, coalescing in a resplendent and uplifting cut. Wäpplin provided some insight into the single, explaining:

“Tobias played the track for Lost song to me in the car when I had just returned from India and I remember feeling really stunned by the fact that it mirrored a lot of the feelings and emotions that had surrounded me in that country so far from home. The song is about losing and regaining trust in life. Having the cornerstones of my belief system crushed but finding trust in the basics of being, like being a tree or the way a child just is. To me, this is a very powerful and healing feeling and I hope it can reach and translate to anyone who is listening.”

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