Noy Markel Teases Debut EP With The Floating Calling Me

Noy Markel Teases Debut EP With The Floating “Calling Me”

Last year, National Geographic released a short about Einstein and love for its Genius series which featured Noy Markel’s “Dazed In The Night”. Now with her debut EP set to release next year, she returns with a new single titled, Calling Me.

Inspired by being called by the universe to awaken, Calling Me is like being lifted into the aura of a dream. A swirl of textures echoes and float around a twinkle of guitars and Markel’s distinct vocals that pierce through the thin veil of darkness, drifting and swimming towards the light of the universe.

Speaking on the single, Markel says:

“(I’m) Highlighting the constant conversation between our ego, our soul, and the universe that brings us back to the beginning of time. This realization about either ourselves, a situation, or the world exposes the fear of finding our true authentic self behind our mask.

Given the current state and mood of things, I feel this message is very important and my goal with my music is to hopefully help people provoke certain emotions, thoughts and feelings within themselves. Everything I write is about truth and its narrative. Removing the veils on our consciousness…”

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