Watch Vaness Alegacy In Change Of Heart

Watch: Vaness Alegacy In “Change Of Heart”

Heartbreak is a fucking bitch. Weeks of mental, physical, and emotional anguish over every little thing, until that day you wake the fuck up. Toronto singer/songwriter Vaness Alegacy released the anthemic Change Of Heart earlier this year and now brings us the visuals. Directed by Walu, Alegacy displays the duality between another daunting miserable day and the realization that shit needs to change. “We all know how it goes; you fall in love, you get hurt, you get your heart broken, and sometimes you feel like you’ll never love again,” she explained in an email. “But, then, one day, you wake the fuck up and realize it’s only as bad as you let it be. That’s what this song represents. It’s the second chance you give yourself to love and to feel love.”

Watch Vaness Alegacy sing through the momentous roaring beat that shakes the ground.