NYIKO Explores The Space Between Love & Loss On One U Luv

NYIKO Explores The Space Between Love & Loss On “One U Luv”

One U Luv is the new single from NYIKO (“nee-koh”) – an LA-based recording/visual artist and producer – and features his brand of bedroom synth-pop distilled with a brooding breath.

“It’s not quite a love song and it’s not quite a break-up song. Real life relationships are rarely that simple,” explains NYIKO. “It’s about that space in-between love and loss, when two people are passionately intimate, but there are factors that are pulling them in opposite directions.” 

One U Luv is a dreamy swirling yawn of reverb in a vast luminous space, somewhere between that love and loss and stretched across constellations, marvellous and stained. It’s here that lovers discuss their wants and needs, love and lust, with a delicate crunch of jaws and a heavy sunken feeling of longing.

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