Lungley Release LP Featuring Emotive "Slow Down"

Lungley Releases LP Featuring Emotive “Slow Down”

Lungley is the South London electronic duo consisting of siblings Natalie and Matt, who describe themselves as, “a tie of kinship, a collision of soundtracks of youth and maturity, visiting realms of past eras, which build roads to novel beginnings.” It was only in 2014 when the two decided to flip their solo careers into a collaborative effort, and while the two had vastly different influences, Matt’s production style had delved into the trip hop realm.

From their recently released self-titled album, Slow Down is a downtempo ambient space of minimal wobbles and quivering notes, volcanic subs that seethe beneath your feet with a calmness, and percussion that strikes on one end but is felt on the other. In this gaping void of empty drivel that was fed with every intention of not sticking around, the duo’s disconnected skin dots pulse with engrossing emotions.

Listen to Slow Down below, followed by their album.