Plexxaglass Releases Passionate Lament en Route

Plexxaglass Releases Passionate “Lament en Route”

Alexa Joan Rae is the artist behind piano-driven indie alternative pseudonym Plexxaglass, and influenced by powerful musicians of all genres. Her latest single, Lament En Route, helped propel her to reach various stages across the states and even tv/movie placements.

Lament En Route is an anthem for all those people you wish you could tell to fuck off. That two faced colleague of yours. Your idiot upstairs neighbour that drags furniture around at 2am on a work night. The jerkoff with his feet on a seat on the packed subway. Like someone scorned by those closest to them, a lone piano builds into a woeful electronic force that is backed by Rae’s stunning vocals that pierce the air with an angst that’s sharpened by knives made of teeth and iron, and belts out with a passionate and soulful roar that she’s fed up with everyone’s shit. If you’re feeling Plexxaglass, spin this compelling single right now.