Saeyers Shares Dreamy New EP Single Someday
Jo Fipps

Saeyers Shares Dreamy New EP Single “Someday”

Saeyers is the new project from Bloomington, Indiana-based songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Marshall Lewis. He’s released several tracks off his forthcoming self-titled debut EP, bred from synth-laden mid-fi pop and self-imposed solitude.

“These last couple years have seen a lot of difficulty, but also many little victories,” says Lewis. “I spent a lot of time mulling things over in my head, and had to learn a lot of hard lessons. This EP is my expression of enjoying the little things and coming to terms with it all, knowing that life keeps going.”

Fourth single and EP opener Someday sets sail with the gliding tendrils of summer guided by Lewis’ gentle vocals and dreamy modern yacht-rock. Drift away right here.