SAMA Seeks The Truth With "What Is Love All About"

SAMA Seeks The Truth With “What Love Is All About”

Love is something some still struggle to understand, while others have difficulty even finding it. Many of us have no idea what it really is, or think we do, and then fail miserably at providing the one we love with everything they need. For SAMA (“listening” in Arabic and Persian), they seek the meaning of love on the poignant What Love Is All About.

SAMA’s story is told over an upbeat electronic pop gem with a light dance vibe that would fit perfectly during the climax of a night at a sweaty club. Rolling beats and a humbling guitar loop aid you in your search for love with your ego banished to the depths of devouring despair. Lift your skinny fists like antennas to the heavens and turn to truth in a life long journey of hope in seek of the sun glistening light.

For the song, the trio explained, “The new single “What Love Is All About” talks about the trials of finding a soul mate and the fact that even though you seem to have found it, in the end he/she proves to be a different person from the one you thought you knew, leading you to think you may never grasp the true meaning of the word ‘love’.”