Sara Phillips Returns With Dark Pop Rich And Famous

Sara Phillips Returns With Dark Pop “Rich And Famous”

A year after releasing her Sea Change EP, Los Angeles-based, Montreal-raised Sara Phillips returns with Rich And Famous. Over an effortlessly cool and dark pop soundscape, Phillips sings about the music industry with a sardonic bite and how everyone will feel oh so much better once they’re feel rich and famous. Because that’s what happens, right? The peasants will bow. The ground beneath your feet will be made of velvet gold. The sky will illuminate with a spotlight made with the elixir of honey, focused solely on you. Well, not exactly.

“I wrote this song about trying to navigate the music industry, the loneliness of it all, and the hope that all the sacrifices you make will one day be worth it,” explains Phillips. “It’s also about how we (all of us, I believe) often think that once we get to wherever we’re trying to go, we’ll finally be ‘happy’, and how we often focus so singularly on getting there, we don’t take care of ourselves, each other and our happiness along the way. I don’t want or need to actually be rich or famous. I just want to be happy.”

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