The Visions' Oceans Is A Must For Any Playlist

The Visions’ “Oceans” Is A Must For Any Playlist

Brooklyn-based brothers Ben and Michael Shugarman and longtime friend Ryan Brooks are the forces behind the funk-pop band that is The Visions. Oceans, is their second single, and while it’s labelled as “hip hop” on soundcloud, it’s anything but.

Stay right here, stay right here
And baby let me show you
I’m gonna show you
Show you
Show you what it’s all about

On this electro-rnb/funk-pop jam that sounds like nothing else on your playlist, the trio have created an undeniable force that takes hold of your hips and shoulders and moves you to their infectious rhythms. Synths pulse and dance on waves of thick percussion that feel like they’re bouncing beneath tides that groove with a lust fueled of wildfire. While Oceans has a late night summer vibe, it’ll fit perfectly at your next house party.

The Visions are currently on the road but an EP is due sometime this year.