Tove Styrke Returns With Infectious Love Song "Say My Name"
Emma Svensson

Tove Styrke Returns With Infectious Love Song “Say My Name”

It’s been almost two years since Tove Styrke released her debut album, Kiddo, and now as she sets to make her mark on 2017, she returns with the infectious Say My Name.

Produced by fellow Swede, Elof Loelv, a peculiar yet charming riff opens up with warm pops as a cool Styrke begins singing about a new love. “There’s a reason why so much music is about sex and love. It is linked to one’s worst and best experiences,” explained Styrke. “I have not written about love before because I didn’t want to write another love song. But I have changed. I am tired of being angry, right now I just need to make music that makes me feel good.” And feel good it does. That face with brilliant teeth that blind and green glowing eyes. Hair that roars with blonde thunder. A smile that shouts adventure, and coy when she smirks. A body so full and divine with curves that smolder on your touch. When you catch her glance, it’s like waking from a dream where you had no past, no present. Just here and now. You and her. The world is illuminated by the elixir of love and the deafening fear is swallowed by the ground you stand upon.

Listen to Say My Name right now and be prepared to sing along.

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