Idris Lawal Announces EP & Shares Jordan

Idris Lawal Announces EP & Shares “Jordan”

Toronto-based, Nigerian-born Idris Lawal marks his return with a new EP announcement and the first taste in the form of Jordan.

Produced by fellow Torontonian Antion with delicious guitar work from Lã, Jordan fuses genres with a deft touch. Ethereal keys sparkle and drift, stretching across the cerulean nebula as Lawal ruminates about being a young black man trying to figure shit out. Speaking of the singles inspiration, he says:

“This track ‘Jordan’ was written as a re-affirmation of self, perfectly typified when I sing, ‘I flew around the sun last year, like the gods when I orbit. Maybe I’ll land on the moon this year, but this not Jordans’. It is a reminder that we fly around the sun every year because of our innate greatness. ‘Jordan’ is also a proclamation of black, a reminder that the skin is a gift from God, for the soul to live comfortably in, ‘I spent some time with the sun, that’s how I got this dark skin.”

Two more singles are to follow Jordan with the three-track EP expected in September.

Catch Idris Lawal next month in his showcase, A Travelling Light, featuring the video premiere, live performance, and more. Details here.