Trevor James Tillery Releases Second Monthly Single, Fire with Fire

Trevor James Tillery Releases Second Monthly Single, “Fire with Fire”

Trevor James Tillery is a Nashville-based artist that has lived all over the States and fuses his music with his yearning for placement and a sense of belonging. It’s something you can taste like on his latest single, Fire with Fire, from his monthly collection of singles titled, Together.Alone.

Tillery sorts through the nuances of love and relationships in this tech-obsessed world of ours that just leaves us lifeless with entrails that ferment in our loneliness. On Fire with Fire, Tillery’s honest words croon over an intimate soundscape that gradually builds into a lavish tremor. Cavernous bass throbs with punctuated brooding stars that strike your bones with a silver ghost. Love and hate, despair and regret, madness and pity lie in the sharp urgent synth that cuts through this ambient space as it climaxes with the colliding textures of a howling beast.

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