Vancouver Trio LINES Release Psychadelic "Rio Grande"

Vancouver Trio LINES Release Psychedelic “Rio Grande”

We’ve all had those nights of debauchery under the influence of psychedelics (if you haven’t, you must). For Vancouver trio, LINES, they turned that experience into the too cool for school Rio Grande.

Before that wondrous mind expanding experience, Luke Ebner, Morgan Perry, and Hugh Olychick were three DJ/producer friends of over seven years. They got their start playing at underground after hours and then evolved into a full production force with live instruments. Now as LINES, they’ve produced several singles with an array of sounds from hip hop to soul and funk. One of which is the aforementioned Rio Grande; the mid day sidewalk cruiser with a big grin on your face. Grab an apple, pick a flower, smile at strangers. They’ve got sunshine in their pockets that they want to share with you. Spin this catchy Gorillaz influenced tune below and peep their soundcloud for an eclectic mix of sounds.

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