Zoey Lily Lets Go & Gives Her Last Goodbye

Zoey Lily Lets Go & Gives Her “Last Goodbye”

The first thing that comes to mind with Last Goodbye from Zoey Lily is the beautiful song of the same name by Jeff Buckley. But where Buckley’s is about the anguish of a red-flamed love fading and dying but being thankful for the time spent together, Lily’s is quite the opposite.

On Last Goodbye, Zoey Lily forgoes fighting to keep a relationship alive, a relationship with talons like knives. “You better leave cuz I’m just gonna stand here, I’m not the type who’d beg you to stay,” sings Lily, defeated and weary, and finally letting go with a sombre piano and the skitter of percussion between tense and mutated warbles, like a million painless little deaths. Dark, cold, and distant, the little bit of light that remained is annihilated as Lily laments, “somebody other will be better than me.” And so the plunge to sulphurous depths begins.

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