Ashton Sparks Flames On “Doing The Most”

Out of our hometown of Mississauga, singer-producer Ashton brings the vibes with his latest track, Doing The Most. Like most of his projects, the track was co-produced with dF, known for his collaboration on K. Forest’s album. Doing The Most features that classic Toronto R&B style: a perfect balance between pain and love.

Ashton’s lyrics bounce back and forth between dedicated passion and the ache of fading love. “To me ‘Doing The Most’ starts off as this warm upbeat tropical vibe you can bump too and then journeying through the song it turns somber and a little cold,” Ashton explained in an e-mail. “It’s kinda like a promised tropical destination wedding that never went through; with the decorations already set, empty guest tables and one person at the alter… but still having hope. Or more simply put, trying to spark a flame in the ashes of a dying relationship.”

He definitely sparks flames on this track, and with plans to release his next project this fall, we’re sure the next track will be fire.