Ayelle Explores Tumultuous Relationships On Trust

Ayelle Explores Tumultuous Relationships On “Trust”

Trust is the latest single from Ayelle and the first off her forthcoming “NOMAD Mixtape”. Produced by Stavros, Trust features glitched out textures with layered synths and male vocals as Ayelle captures the essence of vulnerability and how volatile relationships can be.

 On the single, Ayelle shares:

“Trust” is “about falling for someone against your better judgment, and I wanted to shed light on the tumultuous side of relationships, where you reveal the ugly parts of yourselves to each other and work out your insecurities. It’s always scary to let your guard down, and we tend to self-sabotage when we feel vulnerable, which is the essence of what I wanted to capture in ‘Trust’.”

Due out May 15th, Ayelle’s  “NOMAD MIXTAPE” is a collection of songs written over the past two years and an intimate self-reflection where the listener is invited to explore feelings that are sometimes uncomfortable yet essential to one’s fueled growth. It is an invitation to be fearless and stepping out of one’s comfort zone, whether that means physically in the form of travel or emotionally in one’s relationships and personal experiences.