Wy Releases That Picture Of Me Single & Video

Wy Releases “That Picture Of Me” Single & Video

After announcing their new album ‘Marriage’ and sharing singles ‘Dream House’ and ‘Come Here’, Wy returns with That Picture Of Me. 

Inspired by the swell of anxiety and neurosis as you scroll through social media, Wy captures this onslaught with a buzzsaw. In an interview with Atwood Magazine, singer Ågren offered:

“I wrote this as a stream-of-consciousness scrolling down social media feeds. It’s fascinating and very silly to me how many thoughts and emotions can occur within a couple of seconds, just because your feed is so jam-packed with information. From friends, to ads, to memes and memories. Your mood can shift so instantly and it feels very necessary to spell it out like this, so you become more aware of it.”

Listen to That Picture Of Me here along with a self-directed video of the duo painting each other.