Vox Somnia Shares Mystical Debut Single ShadowPasser

Vox Somnia Shares Mystical Debut Single “ShadowPasser”

Vox Somnia is a self-described ‘art-rock’ band from here in Toronto who closed out 2017 with their debut single, ShadowPasser. With the slow plod of drums and an eerie backdrop fogged by languid whispers, lead vocalist Anna Dorda croons with an ethereal somnolence, pallid and secretive. From the breast of a midnight light, it claws and burns with a mystical, melancholic fever that bestows the cracks in the walls with yearnful looks.

Speaking of the single, Dorda says ShadowPasser is about, “longing for people and places that never quite leave your consciousness.”

Come April, Vox Somnia will be released their debut EP, “The Broken Light”.

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